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This site is for serious trap collectors who are interested in rare traps available for bidding on our online auction. We’ll list the trap on this home page, and provide a link to a page with a detailed description of the trap and close-up photos. To bid, click on the AUCTION page link, register, and bid. Registering is simple, free, and only needs to be done once. Once registered, you will need to sign in each time you visit the bidding page. You do not have to bid each time you visit. You will be notified by email when you are outbid.
This site is also for hobby collectors, or people just wanting neat traps to hang on their wall. They want traps that might be a bit hard to find but are not really rare, for their historical value, or for their mystique, or simply for their appearance, because they just look good hanging on the fur shed or office wall. Some of these traps are somewhat collectible, and some are simply interesting. Most are affordable. Some are very reasonable. Our inventory will change. To see them click on the COLLECTIBLES/WALLHANGERS tab. These traps will have a description, photos, and a set price. These traps can be purchased directly from our website. They won’t be sold on the auction site.
I fit into the hobby collector category. Certain traps interest me for different reasons, and I’ve gradually put together my own small collection. They’re hanging on the wall of my office with some furs, and when I want to remember who I am, and where I come from, I look at the wall. A couple of these traps were made in the late 1800s, and they give me a direct connection with trappers of that time, and my trapping heritage. I also have a Blake & Lamb #44 double longspring foothold, hanging over a tanned blanket beaver. I learned to trap beaver with the #44 before the Conibear was available. It’s no longer made, and they’re getting harder to find, and the price is slowly rising, so you could say they’ve become collectible. With their big 7½-inch jawspread they’re a great looking wallhanger, but mine is also on the wall because it has personal nostalgic value. There’s a little Victor #0 longspring there too, just because it’s neat. The photo on this site is of part of my office wall.
This site is also for trappers who are looking for used traps in good working condition, at reasonable prices, to put to work on their lines. Inventory will change. To see what we have, click on the USED TRAPS link for descriptions, photos, and prices.
You will have to register before you can bid, to create an account and be a verified user. It’s easy, free, and once registered you will not have to do it again. From the AUCTION page, click on the REGISTER tab and type in the required blanks.
Some notes:
• Create an anonymous username if you don’t want other bidders to know who you are.
• You can mix letters and numbers in your password, or use all letters or all numbers. Letters can be upper case or lower case.
• Do not use spaces in your password.
• Do not use punctuation, like St. for Street. You will get an error message.
• The 1st Street Address can be a POB (or PO Box) number, if you have one. If you do use a POB number, the 2nd Street Address should be your actual street address. You should fill this in, in case UPS shipping is requested.
• You can either spell out the name of your state, or use the abbreviation. For example, either Maine or ME will work.
• After you register you will be sent an email to verify your registration. Click on the link to complete verification, then close it out, unless you want to sign in.

Items purchased through this site are purchased as is, where is. Photos clearly indicate condition of items, and any questions can be asked by phone, mail, or email before bidding closes.

Two auctions have recently ended.
Watch this space for future online auctions.